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Gun Rack Wall Mount 02 (Only US)

Gun Rack Wall Mount 02 (Only US)

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1TG Tactical Gun Rack Wall Mount 02 (Only US)

l 1TG Tactical gun rack is able to hold up to 80 lbs for your rifles

The gun rack for wall provides you a simple solution of storaging helmets, vests, belts, gloves, googles, bags and any other device

The indoor gun rack is ideal for tactical enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and anyone who needs a reliable heavy duty storage solution for gears

Designed with adjustable hook panel (3 hooks each side) and fixed MOLLE panel (4 hooks) and used for hanging tactical vests, boots, belts, and any other large size outfit, the MOLLE panel is used for attaching small tactical gears such as MOLLE pouches, radios, cheek rest bag

Made of 201 stainless steel with black powder coating enables longer use in different weather


Material: ‎201 Stainless-Steel

Dimensions: ‎6.5"D x 21.5"W x 22.1"H

Weight: ‎2.2 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
eN C
Great grab rack

Needed to retro fit the entire wall to get this to mount and use, but in a quick case, a 3/8 sheet of plywood makes a lot better back mount for the wall. Plenty of options for changing up hanger angles and material placement. Almost wish this was double the length for two different outfit arrays, but side-by-side works just as well. Metal thickness was on the edge of what I might consider thin, but worked just fine for standard rifles and the listed 80# as long as the backing material is thick enough and properly attached to the studs.

Mrs. Wynn
Sweet gunrack!!

This gunrack is sweet and my husband is absolutely impressed by it to say the least! It was so easy to install and the best part about it is that it holds 5 shot guns! That alone was impressive. It literally took about 26 minutes to assemble and another 10 minutes to hang on the wall and it was worth every minute! It's priced relatively low which is an automatic deal breaker. We will be purchasing one in the near future. I would h9ghly recommend to any gun collector or enthusiast that looking to show off their weapons in as a part of their decor in their homes because it is really nice.

Nice Firearm Rack

This firearm rack is actually pretty nice. It is a little smaller and can hold 3 or 4 long guns or 3 long guns and a couple pistols. It is very easy to install and easy to change up the configuration depending on what long guns you want on the rack. It is not going to be as nice for long shotguns and made more for a tactical style rifle as the hooks are only about 19 inches apart. You can utilize it for longer rifles/shotguns, but you will have to be careful not to knock them off balance. For the price I would purchase this rack again.

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