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How Do I Obtain A Discount Code or Coupon?

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What Types Of Payment Can I Use On 1tgtac Orders?

We accepts the following payment options:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and Paypal

How Do I Track My Orders And Shipping?

Check your email. The email address you provided during Checkout allows us to provide information about the status of your order via the shipping confirmation email.

You can view your tracking number in the shipment notification email.

Where Do You Ship To?

Currently, orders can be shipped within the Continental US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Russia.
Expedited shipping is available only in the Continental US.

How Do I Place A Wholesale Order?

In order to place a wholesale order, you must be an approved 1tgtac dealer.

You can submit information through https://1tgtac.com/pages/wholesale or contact us by support@1tgtac.com

Good price can be offered according to the batch quantity.

Returns & Refunds

We accept returns within 30 days from the day purchases made on 1tgtac.com with a proof of purchase.

For more details about returns, please see our Return & Refund policies.


Outdoors Enthusiast

"1tg tactical helmets are on FIRE!! The combination of lightweight design and robust protection is unparalleled. Whether I'm engaged in tactical operations or intense airsoft skirmishes, my OneTigris helmet offers me the confidence and safety I need. The comfortable fit and adjustable features make it a must-have piece of gear for any serious enthusiast or professional."

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Seàn & Barrie

British veteran, former Bomb Disposal Specialis

"1tg tactical vests are a game-changer for me. Their modular design and quality construction make them stand out. Whether I'm on a tactical mission or out for a hike, I trust my OneTigris vest to carry my gear efficiently and comfortably."

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CRW Hercules

Airport wildlife control officer

"From mag pouches to holsters, OneTigris gear is top-notch. Their attention to detail ensures that my equipment is always secure and accessible when I need it. Plus, their storage solutions like the organization racks help me keep my gear tidy and ready for action."

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