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Step into our pop-up store and immerse yourself in the vibrant tactical culture, showcasing a range of top-tier accessories.

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10:00am - 6:00pm


618 east 9th street, New York, NY 10009

1TG Tactical is not just a store; it's a commitment to gun control and the fight against gun violence.

Gun violence is a pressing issue that demands our attention and collective action. It is a heartbreaking epidemic that has caused immeasurable pain, suffering, and loss of innocent lives. We must stand together to oppose gun violence in all its forms.

At 1TG Tactical, we offer a range of products and services designed to promote safety, education, and responsible gun use.

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Unveil the tales of triumph, challenges, and unforgettable moments shared by our valued clients, all made possible with our exceptional gear and accessories.

  • Seàn & Barrie - British veteran, former Bomb Disposal Specialis

    "OneTigris vests are a game-changer for me. Their modular design and quality construction make them stand out. Whether I'm on a tactical mission or out for a hike, I trust my OneTigris vest to carry my gear efficiently and comfortably."

  • Ashley - Artist and outdoors enthusiast

    "OneTigris helmets are on FIRE!! The combination of lightweight design and robust protection is unparalleled. Whether I'm engaged in tactical operations or intense airsoft skirmishes, my OneTigris helmet offers me the confidence and safety I need. The comfortable fit and adjustable features make it a must-have piece of gear for any serious enthusiast or professional."

  • CRW Hercules - Airport wildlife control officer

    "From mag pouches to holsters, OneTigris gear is top-notch. Their attention to detail ensures that my equipment is always secure and accessible when I need it. Plus, their storage solutions like the organization racks help me keep my gear tidy and ready for action."

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About OneTrigris

OneTigris has been committed to providing users with high quality tactical gears since summer 2014. We specialize in integrating tactical style with urban life and outdoor activities.

We have reached users from over 113 countries, taking part in the lives of millions of gear enthusiasts with military and law enforcement backgrounds, outdoor experience, and professional dog training expertise

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1TG Tactical: Precision-crafted details; Military-grade quality