OneTigris is a team of proud pet parents, supporters and former veterinarians. Every product you see reflects our shared value of good gear that contributes to adventures, health and growth.


With the founding concept of a lifestyle and values that “Begin with Good Gear”, OneTigris has been committed to providing users with high quality tactical gears since summer 2014. We specialize in integrating tactical style with urban life and outdoor activities.

We have reached users from over 113 countries, taking part in the lives of millions of gear enthusiasts with military and law enforcement backgrounds, outdoor experience.

  •  May. The Idea

    A simple question: How can we encourage people to find inspiration in the outdoors?


    Aug.Birth of Onetigris

    Starting with Kayla Nielsen, we began to receive product photos & reviews from friends near & far, and we read them one by one, bubbling with happiness.

  • May. The Bushcraft Show in UK

    With the help from Paul Fox, we had the opportunity to showcase our products at The Bushcraft Show in the UK, where we received a lot of valuable feedback. Our products shall remain flexible, always with room for improvement.

  • Jun. UK GunMart Magazine Feature

    Our international publication debut in British local magazine "GunMart".


    Jun.NBC in Edale, England


    Jul.Dog Gear on the Big Screen

    We designed a dog harness for American director Shawn Welling's new movie starring "Ranger", and afterwards became a fan of the both of them.


    Nov.OneTigris Custom Gear Now Accepting Orders

    We made customized dog harnesses for wounded service dogs, tactical fire extinguisher pouches for 2017 G20 Germany, gun holsters for public safety sectors...

  • Sep.US Lowcountry Dog Magazine

    Our international publication debut in British local magazine "US Lowcountry Dog Magazine".


    Dec.HU Tactical Messenger Bag

    A signature product that is the essence of this brand, a combination of urban gear with tactical elements, using the Chinese character "虎" (tiger) to roar with power and with pride.

  •  Feb. 1TG | One Tactical Getogether

    An online community created for the mission of connecting like-minded people, the hub of gear ideas and professional gear testing, and discussions on all things tactical.


    May.Teepee With a Chimney Opening

    The beginning of a line of tipi shaped tents called TIPINOVA, SMOKEY HUT, WILD HAVEN, and IRON WALL, that connected us to many inspiring bushcrafters and survivalists everywhere.


    Oct.BACKWOODS BUNGALOW the 1st Co-design

    An ingenious and soon-to-be-classic 1TG co-design project with Matt from @CommonFamilySurvival that took the camping shelter market by storm.


    Nov.Small But Mighty K9 Series

    We officially began to be of service to small dogs and their owners, stirring up trouble with the BEAST MOJO, an instant hit with dog lovers on social media websites.


    Dec.The Invention of 1TG FACE OFF Mask Patches

    Eureka! We got tactical with the standard half-face mesh masks and spiced up face pro with colors and personality. You won’t find badass mask patches like these anywhere else.

  • Jan. Apollo 09 Service Dog Cape

    A collaboration with 1TG K9 Ambassador Rosie the Service Dog that became our signature service dog cape. We are proud to have good, solid gear for those who have bravely served.


    Apr.OneTigris x Division S.I.X.

    The designer that created airsoft mesh masks to dominate the field for years to come. Thank you for letting us use your namesake to supply the airsoft community with more excellent products.


    Aug.Happy 5th Birthday, OneTigris!

    Airsoft Action is an old friend of ours and was with OneTigris from the very beginning, starting with a pleasant surprise of a dump pouch review. Thank you, Bill and Airsoft Action, for celebrating 5 years of good gear with us.



    The meet and greet in California where we finally got to see friends and fans offline for the first time! Thank you, Evike, for officially endorsing OneTigris and for inviting us to the party!


    The moment we never expected to see so soon! 100,000 awesome people from this global village, connected by a love for the outdoors and tactical gear, transcending space and time zones.


    OneTigris® is connected with over 1,000,000 friends & customers from over 70 countries in every continent... and we shall strive to provide good, quality gear for tactical and every day purposes.