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Taktischer Weste-Telefonhalter

Taktischer Weste-Telefonhalter

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OneTigris Taktischer Weste-Telefonhalter

1. Halten Sie Ihre Hände frei: Bietet eine leichte und robuste Lösung, um Ihr Telefon während Missionen sicher und zugänglich zu tragen, ohne in Taschen oder Beuteln wühlen zu müssen

2. Hochkompatible Handy-Brusthalterung: Kompatibel mit Smartphones von 4,7 bis 6,7 Zoll, wobei sich die Kamera für eine optimale Nutzung in der oberen linken Ecke befindet. (für iPhone 14 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 12 Pro Max/Moto Edge 5G)

3. MOLLE-Telefonhalter: Lässt sich einfach an jeder MOLLE-kompatiblen Oberfläche befestigen und ist somit eine vielseitige und unverzichtbare Ergänzung Ihrer taktischen Ausrüstung.

4. Plattenträgerzubehör: Benutzerfreundliches Design mit einem flexiblen Betrachtungswinkel von bis zu 175°, was ihn zur idealen Wahl für jeden taktischen Einsatz macht.

5. Einfache und schnelle Installation: Die Montage an Ihrer MOLLE-Ausrüstung dauert nur weniger als 1 Minute, sodass Sie jederzeit einsatzbereit sind.


Material: Laminierte Kohlefaserplatten

Vorderes CF-Panel: 6,5 x 3,7 Zoll/16,5 cm x 9,5 cm

Rückseitiges CF-Panel: 17 cm x 11 cm

Paket beinhaltet

Vorderes CF-Panel*1

Rückseitiges CF-Panel*1

Einstellbares Drehmomentscharnier*1

Gerätehalte-Stoßkabel (lang)*1

Panel-Halte-Stoßkabel (kurz)*1


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brekah S.
works great!! just as advertised

it works great with my safe life defense carrier. I have my level 3A+ armor and plates underneath the carrier inside my concealable carrier. with all my mole gear attached to the outside carrier.

its sturdy the elastic is one solid piece of string. so its firm all the way around and holds great. I use my iPhone 12 max with moment case. I can attach my lens's to the phone with no problem at all. all 3 cameras work without being blocked. I use this as my body camera. I can run and jump with no problem at all.

see how I attached it to my vest I used the riffle plate to put the two prongs into. then I slide the bottom two into the mole. wish it wasn't carbon fiber or at least painted black on top so it would look better

Bryon PK
Lightweight and secure way to carry a phone and works great for recording video too.

This is a great way to carry your phone on your chest when wearing a plate carrier, tactical vest or chest rig with pals webbings on the front. The Molle attachment holds the phone holder securely against your chest, and opens up so you have access to and use of your phone. It opens all the way up to 175 degrees if needed. The hinge is tight enough to hold your phone at the angle you chose (if stationary). In the closed position with the elastic cord over the front hooks, you can run, jump and hang upside down and your phone will remain secured to your chest. You can even record videos and take pics with your phone because there is a cutout are so your camera lens isn’t obstructed.

I think this will work great for fishing, hunting and hiking. I’ll be able to record my own videos from my perspective, all hands free. If needed, I could also attach a small Molle pouch near the phone holder with a power bank in it so I could charge my phone while in the OneTigrris.

I hope this review was helpful.

R. Andrade
Amazing for navigation

This device’s excellent for navigation while wearing a mollie-equipped vest. It’s made of carbon fiber, which is a very sturdy protection for your mobile device. I used it with an iPhone 14 pro, and fits perfectly. The phone holder safely attaches to the mollie without problems. The angle of view allows easy operation of the mobile device.

I highly recommend this device for any tactical rescue missions or adventurers needing a way to access digital maps and protect your device.

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