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Schießsandsack 09

Schießsandsack 09

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OneTigris Schießsandsack 09

● Die 500D-Nylonkonstruktion bietet eine rutschfeste und griffige Oberfläche sowohl für die vordere als auch für die hintere Schussposition.

● Zwei große Klettflächen für einen 2-Runden-Halter, einen DOPE-Kartenhalter oder einen taktischen Moralaufnäher.

● Gefüllt mit Kunststoffpartikeln, die in jede beliebige Form gedrückt werden können.

● Maße: 7,8 x 6,7 x 7,5 Zoll/20 cm x 17 x 18,5 cm, klein und leicht.

● Die Beutel sind vorbefüllt und sofort für den Sortimentseinsatz bereit.

● Eine unbefüllte Option ist ebenfalls verfügbar.


Material: 500D-Nylon

Füllung: Kunststoffpartikel

Abmessungen: 7,8"*6,7"*7,5"/ 20cm*17*cm*18,5cm


Gefüllt – 12 Unzen/0,346 kg

Unbefüllt – 6,2 oz/0,176 kg

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OneTigris Schießsandsack 09 *1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Know what type of application you want this for

I wanted a front rest that would be solid. the bag i fine but the fill they use is too lightweight a good stiff wind would move this bag. Tiny plastic beads . I will probably replace half of them with bb or some sort of media or even buckshot.

Awesome bag

All I did was add a little rice and a few beans to it and it was flawless. Anyone can add or take away the material of their choosing inside of it and it has a zipper with Velcro to make it easy to fill or empty get this if you want a versatile bag

This is a portable rest, very light and smaller than I expected

This rifle rest is made for hunting and F-Class style shooting where you are walking/hiking either to a shooting location or between multiple shooting locations and need a lightweight rest for improvised shooting positions. The bag was smaller than I expected, and yes, the dimensions are listed in the description. Slightly more disappointing is that the bag isn't stuffed quite as full as I would prefer. It is listed as a "squeeze bag", and I use sandbags that are less than full for the same reason, squeeze them into the shape or height needed. The bags (I purchased a couple) are a little flat. It has a nice, zippered opening for filling, backed up by a solid Velcro strip to keep it closed. I will attempt to find a suitable filler and add some, but the bag is usable as-is, just shorter than it could be. As for the filler, the description says "Plastic Particles - Polymer beads" which I expected to be like a beanie baby, and heavier. I have not looked inside yet, but I think it is filled with a Styrofoam style bead, like a bean bag chair. That might be where I steal some beads to top off these bags. Like all the other OneTigis products I have purchased the materials and construction are very nice. The photos in the description give you a good idea as to how this bag is intended to be used. I had only recently seen a lightweight bag like this, and I like the idea a lot. This one is field portable and could be used on a shooting range where typically heavier bags are used.

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