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Waffenständer-Wandhalterung 04 (nur USA)

Waffenständer-Wandhalterung 04 (nur USA)

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OneTigris Gun Rack Wall Mount 04 (nur USA)

l Die OneTigris-Waffenständer-Wandhalterung kann bis zu 100 Pfund für Ihre taktische Ausrüstung aufnehmen

l Der Waffenständer bietet Ihnen eine einfache Lösung zur Aufbewahrung von Helmen, Westen, Gürteln, Handschuhen, Brillen, Taschen und anderen Geräten

l Ideal für taktische Enthusiasten, Polizeibeamte und alle, die eine zuverlässige, robuste Aufbewahrungslösung für Ausrüstung benötigen

l Die MOLLE-Platte ist mit einer verstellbaren Hakenplatte (5 Haken auf jeder Seite) und einer festen MOLLE-Platte (4 Haken) ausgestattet und dient zum Aufhängen von taktischen Westen, Stiefeln, Gürteln und anderen großen Outfits. Die MOLLE-Platte dient zur Befestigung kleiner taktischer Ausrüstung wie z MOLLE-Taschen, Funkgeräte, Wangenstützentasche

l Hergestellt aus Edelstahl 201 mit schwarzer Pulverbeschichtung ermöglicht einen längeren Einsatz bei unterschiedlichem Wetter


Material: Edelstahl

Abmessungen: 0,9"T x 21,3"B x 43,5"H

Gewicht: ‎7,6 Pfund

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it!

This tactical rack gets my bags off the floor. It's strong enough to hold multiple bags full of stuff, firearms, plate carrier, etc. It comes with plenty of heavy-duty hooks that fasten via screws. It can be set up in multiple configurations and comes with a rack you can attach your Molle stuff too. I secured the rack into a wall stud, but it does have heavy-duty wall anchors for drywall, although I'd recommend at least one side be installed on a stud. Installed in about 5 minutes.


I really like this rack, it is functional and versatile. The base or outside frame is sturdy. However, the crossbraces acted like they wanted to bow when I added weight. Easy fix! I added a few screws to support it and it worked great. I started adding a few things and it is going to be a nice storage area.

Chris W
Tactical Organization - Rock Solid

I picked this tactical rack up to help organize my man cave, stuff was stacked everywhere, a huge pain, and I reached a breaking point.

Upon unboxing, I noticed everything came securely packaged and it was organized very well.

I'd give the directions a 7/10, they helped, but it wasn't very clear on how to secure the hooks on to the rack. After a few minutes of troubleshooting I finally figured it out.

You first mount the rack (use a level), then attach the hooks, the hooks can still be relocated as needed once the rack is attached to the wall. Note, I took a picture of how the screws are suppose to work with the hooks, it will save you some time. You basically put the screw about 1/4 of the way through the hook, add the rubber cap, attach the hook, then tighten the screw down.

I easily have hung about 80 lbs worth of gear and the racks/hooks are still rock solid. The only hooks that give me any issues are the ones that don't secure themselves with the screws (the 4 smaller hooks).

After utilizing this newfound space, my man cave once again looks clean and organized. I love that it acts as a nice way to show off gear and it also makes accessing my gear much faster which could prove essential in an emergency situation.

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