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Mag Pouch 07

Mag Pouch 07

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AR AK Mag Pouch & M4 Magzine Holder:

1. Holds 3 magazines and is suitable for most small caliber rifle magazines. It can hold 30-round and 40-round M4/M16 magazines, 30-round AK47/AK74 magazines, 30-round G36 magazines, etc.
2. Secured in place by elastic bungee cords that are easy to adjust for different mags
3. MOLLE compatible straps on the back for attachment to tactical vests, bags, rifle case and drop leg platforms
4. MOLLE compatible straps on the front for attachment of MOLLE pistol mag pouches, grenade pouches, etc.
5. 100% genuine MultiCam® color option available
6. Open top design with drain holes at the bottom

Package Includes

1TG Tactical Triple Mag Pouch *1

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