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Handled Gun Rest Bag

Handled Gun Rest Bag

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1TG Tactical Multicam Shooting Sandbag/Gun Rest

1. 100% genuine MultiCam® pattern

2. Constructed form 500D Cordura® Nylon with reinforced stitching for excellent durability and water-resistant

3. Hook-and-loop handle for easy carrying

4. Measuring at 6.3’’*3.3”*2.5”, small and lightweight

5. Bags are pre-filled and ready for the range right away

6. Unfilled option also available


Material: 500D Cordura®

Stuffing: Plastic Particles 

Dimensions: 6.3"(H)*3.3"(W)*2.5"(D)/16cm*8.5cm*6.4cm


Filled - 15.87oz/450

Package Includes

1TG Tactical MultiCam® Shooting Sandbag/Gun Rest *1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin Rodriguez
Great rest bag

Im not gonna lie I was worried because of some of the reviews. But the bag I received is nicely made. Good heavy duty stitch work. Pre filled with synthetic beads and has survived a couple of inclement weather hunting trips Im very pleased its better than my more expensive name brand bags I have. Ive actually ordered a couple more to store in my terrain vehicles just in case I forget or loose my main bag.

Tyas Frantz
I great bag for the price. Hard to beat.

I recently purchased the Filled Shooting Sandbag Rest Tactical Rear Squeeze Bags for Rifles Gun Hunting Target and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This shooting rest bag is the perfect combination of compact, priced right, comfortable, and tightly packed. The bag is small enough to easily fit in my range bag, yet large enough to provide the support and stability I need when shooting.

What I love about this shooting rest bag is that it is already filled, so I didn't have to spend time filling it myself. The bag is tightly packed, which means it provides a stable and secure rest for my rifle. The material is also comfortable to hold and grip, which makes shooting for extended periods of time more enjoyable.

The price of this shooting rest bag is also hard to beat. Compared to other bags on the market, this one is priced just right for the quality and features it offers. Overall, I highly recommend the Filled Shooting Sandbag Rest Tactical Rear Squeeze Bags for Rifles Gun Hunting Target to anyone looking for a reliable shooting rest bag that is both functional and affordable.

St Louis Brian
Good rear bag

Like other reviews say it us packed a bit tight, but it's nor bad. I just put it under the buttstock of my LaRue OBR .308 where the stock is on a 45 and slide the bag forward and back to change my elevation. I am shooting off a bipod in the front and am getting great groups.

It's worth the money. .5" and .8" groups were before I got this. Small group was after. All shot at 100 yards.

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