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Gun Cleaning Mat 03

Gun Cleaning Mat 03

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1TG Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat 03

l In Europe only brown is available.

l The gun cleaning mat has been divided into 6 parts to easily clean your kits, enables your guns to be well disassembled and assembled easily with size in 29.5"*8.0"(Full size: 36.0"*10.4")

l Magnets Embedded Gun Cleaning Mat: Your guns could be quickly disassembled and assembled with 10 magnet-embedded spots on the pistol cleaning mat instead of glued-on magnets and meanwhile keep it dampproof

l Anti-Slip Rubber Gun Cleaning Mat: The rubberized gun mat could prevent your gears from scratching, dirts can be easily wiped off from the gun maintenance mat with cloth or napkins

l Perfect for cleaning your guns with small metal parts easily to be attached onto the gun mat such as screws

l The gun cleaning mat is designed with 2 holes so it can be hung on the wall or rolled in the packaging we provide


Material: Rubber

Dimensions: ‎36.0" x10.4"

Weight: ‎2.6 Pounds

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