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5.5mm Dual Lens Borescope

5.5mm Dual Lens Borescope

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Plug & Play - Just turn on 1TG Tactical 4.5" screen borescope with to view or record images or videos at a high definition resolution (2.0 Megapixel with 1920x1080p). No need for any App, phones or WiFi connecting. (Included a 32GB Micro SD memory card)

| Dual Lens Endoscope Camera with Light - Our borescope has 2 lens for your to check front or sideway. 6+2 LED lights on cameras give the you a perfect view when in dark inspection areas. ( Light brightness is adjustable for 3 levels)

| IP67 Waterproof Probe- 5.5mm/0.2-inch diameter probe on this inspection camera is easily entered into narrow dark places for nondestructive testing. ( with 6.56ft/2m flexible cable)

| Extra Stand & Light - The snake camera provides an extra stand for flexible cable organization or free standing on table. Meanwhile there's a big light behind the bore scope to provide lighting when in dark.

| Multi-function Borescope Inspection Camera - This endoscope can be used for car, personal, household, and industrial use.

Color: Black & Orange
Display: 4.5-inch IPS LCD Screen
Display Resolution: 854x480 Pixels(16:9)
Camera pixel: 2.0 Megapixel Camera
Image Capturing Resolution: 1920x1080(jpg)
Video Capturing Resolution: 1920x1080(avi)
Memory Card: 32GB Micro SD(included)
Probe Waterproof: IP67
Probe Diameter: 5.5mm/0.2inch
Probe Cable: 78in/6.56ft/2m Flexible Cable
Probe Light: 6 LEDs on Front, 2 LEDs on Sideway
Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140°F(-10°C to 60°C)
Battery: 3000mAh Lithium-ion(about 4 hours using time after fully charged)

Package Includes
1 x Borescope; 2 x 0.2"/5.5mm Probe (one with hook, one with magnetic); 1 x Detachable Stand (installed); 1 x USB to Type C Cable (charging & data transmission); 1 x 32GB TF Card; 1 x Ejector Pin; 1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Really Handy

This will make everything easier for mechanics or really anything that u need to see in small places. The camera cable is long and can hold its form however you bent it. Good flashlight and can even record or take pictures to save and can keep it in its case that's well cushion.

Glenn Ogle
Perfect tool for gun bore cleaning and inspection

I recommend this OneTigris Rifle Borescope with Dual Lens, a tool for professional cleaning of gun bores of all sizes from .20 caliber and up. The 4.5" IPS LCD Screen allows for images and videos in HD resolution, this is much better than other borescope offerings that have you make use of your smartphone and an application.

This is a dedicated tool for the job and allows you to use your smartphone for what it is made to do. It has a backlight on the case and also a light for the probe end. In the case there is a vial that holds 2 probe hooks- 1 magnetic and one not and also a tool to eject the 32GB TF card to keep images and videos captured by the probe. Also comes with USB to USB-C charging cable, a savings in batteries. All items fit nicely in the zippered storage case.

The 78" flexible Probe tube makes inspecting rifle bores and handgun bores equally easy. Without a borescope I would run cotton patches through the barrel until no residue or burned gunpowder traces remained. Now I can inspect the bore with the forward and side view of the bore with the lighting OneTigris provides and actually see where the fouling resides.

The probe is waterproof and makes it possible to be used for other applications besides being a borescope. In your home checking for leaky pipes, you can introduce the probe into a small opening in the wall and locate the pipes that are leaking. This takes a lot of guess work out of the picture and saves you a lot of additional work replacing damaged walls you made while searching for the trouble spot.

There are other applications you could use it for like automobile work and other household purposes for the OneTigris making it a very adaptable and handy tool to own.

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