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1. Leichte, solide, leicht zugängliche EDC-Geldbörse mit elastischem Stifthalter

2. Abnehmbares Klettverschluss-Vorderteil mit klarem Fenster für den Hauptausweis

3. Portemonnaie-ähnlicher Micro-Mesh-Kartenhalter x 3 auf der Rückseite

4. Die Seite des Kartenhalters verfügt über einen Haltegurt für zusätzliche Sicherheit

5. 100 % Original-MultiCam®-Farboption verfügbar

6. Kann sowohl horizontal als auch vertikal getragen werden

7. Mattschwarzer Spaltring für Schlüssel, Schlüsselband, Karabiner

8. 100 % echte MultiCam®-Farboption verfügbar


1. Das Fenster kann von der Klettverschluss-Rückseite abgerissen werden, um Ihren Ausweis zu präsentieren, ohne das Schlüsselband zu bewegen.

2. Bewahren Sie einen Ersatzschlüssel zwischen dem Klettverschluss auf.

3. Der hintere Kartenhalter kann abgerissen und an Ihrer Weste oder Tasche befestigt werden.

4. Benutzen Sie die robuste Metallschlaufe als Schlüsselanhänger.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adonis G.
Overall well done

What I didn't know, is that the front can separate from the back, via velcro??. I didn't know that; maybe it was in the description? ?? but that feature is pretty cool and doesn't take away from the quality of the tag. Build quality is excellent, lanyard is good, burnt at the ends, with a nice solid clasp to hold the length of the lanyard you wish to select, in place. So far so good, I'm a little surprised. I do wonder how the plastic that holds the ID in place will last. Over time, I see this drying out and becoming brittle... and thus tearing... but... so far, until then... I love it.

Kelly Lynn Cremar
Very durable!

I use this item for my ID for work and even have my work keys attached. It’s very durable and protect the ID very well, i love that it has a holder for a pen because I always have a pen handy and ready. It also has pocket areas if you want to hold some cash or a debit or credit card. So far this has lasted a long time and has yet to tear or come apart. I would def buy more again , I have two the tan and grey.

Recommend this all day

This is a great ID card holder the only thing that I would give it a fault for and it’s not even it’s fault is that if you place your ID in it along with a couple of cards in the back carb holders it gets a little heavy for weak retractor clips so buy a strong retractor clip.

My work gave us a retractor clip and it’s fairly weak.

It does the job for the ID alone but I wear this with my ID badge and I keep my DL and my Apple Card in the back in case I need them for something and I keep a pen in it’s pen holder so all of the weight is too much for a cheap retractable clip.

So like I said it’s not really the fault of this product.

Buy this and a strong retractable clip and you won’t have any regrets.

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